A portable stress reducer

Activities using your hands have long been praised for relieving emotional distress;

when engaging in general needle work your heart rate decreases and you relax.

Made By You has made it their mission to help people feel present, have a welldeserved break and just knit.

Inger Lise Neeraas, founder and manager at Made By You,

worked as a lawyer in the healthcare sector and decided she had enough of the rat race lifestyle affecting so many people today.

Along with her mother and sister,

she wanted to create a community devoted to knitting and thus spread the message of the transcendence that arises when blocking out the noise.

Made By You has three projects: an online store,

A portable stress reducer a physical store and a festival devoted to encouraging knitting and bringing people together.

Responsibly sourced yarn

Creating awareness of where the yarn is produced

(Made By You sells yarn from all over the world and makes sure it is responsibly sourced and produced) is at the heart of the layout of the bricks-andmortar shop.

Customers are informed of the entire process, from the type of sheep that is selected to how the yarn ends up on the self.

The layout of the store is clean and organised,

with no unnecessary features, A portable stress reducer and the aim is to create a calm and peaceful experience.

Knit yourself happy

Neeraas explains that the World Health Organisation (WHO) believes depression and mental illness will be the second largest health issue worldwide by 2020.

Made By You wishes to alleviate this sinister statistic by encouraging the art of taking a break.

Neeraas recommends taking up knitting, as it is a proven method of de-stressing and giving our brains a break

A portable stress reducer you achieve a humming noise in your mind,

A portable stress reducer figuratively speaking, which forces you to focus on one thing at a time.

Knitting is especially beneficial as there are certain nerve impulses in our fingers and hands that go straight to our brain, relieving anxiety.

The festival, which takes place 20-21 August in Orkanger, 40 minutes outside of Trondheim,

collaborates with the Fanø International Knit Festival, which hosts 12,000 festival goers each year

A portable stress reducer an achievable goal for Made By You’s quest to bring serene peace to the people.

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