Active Child

Opening an album with layer upon layer of tumbling harp is a bold, if delicate move,

not just because the first notes of a record aren’t usually a barometer of what lies beyond, but because no artist (or record company)

wants to blow their load in the opening track.

So the following icy backdrops of lo-fi RnB beats and Blade Runner atmospherics are an unexpected surprise.

Pat Grossi’s all-consuming voice (a cross between the hushed breathing of Junior Boys and the vocal flourishes of Shearwater) is often in sharp contrast to the cold,

organ chamber mechanics of his music, Active Child but it makes for a foreboding listen,

Active Child and one wracked with a grand cinematic tension that’s given weight and warmth by his choirboy register.

Using classical compositions to beautifully alluring effect, ‘You Are All I See’ is an album that doesn’t ask for your attention, it just indulges.

‘Discovery’, of course sounds far more fitting and less academic, but most importantly it is a true alternative to the mainstream broadcasters.

Active Child And that’s something I didn’t expect. I knew I could play whatever I wanted but I still presumed there was a ceiling to that.

Seemingly not, as senior producer Hermeet is visibly disappointed that I’ve not brought the first HEALTH album with me,

enthusing about sounda-like hardcore band Aa.

And so my ‘leftfield’ selection of tracks jumped ten feet nearer the middle of the road, on D:U:M Avenue, anyhow.

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Author: ปราณี