An Adventure Machine

These large sailing ships offer students and teachers incredible.

opportunities for academic challenge and success across the curriculum.

And a tall ship is a machine for making adventure. New faces, new places, high masts,

high seas and hard work come together to stir the soul and excite the imagination.

Students come to appreciate their world and others in it from a whole new perspective.

Working and living aboard a tall ship, each learns to support the others and, in turn, to trust fellow shipmates with their very lives at times.

This type of interaction leads to the breaking down of stereotypes and to the building of friendships.

After a particularly active sailing day in rough weather, a teacher on the midnight watch heard singing coming from deep within the ship.

Opening a hatch he discovered four girls huddled in the cramped.

An Adventure Machine but cozy rope locker sharing secrets and harmonizing show tunes.

“We go to the same school but we come from different neighborhoods.

For three years in the same classrooms we hardly ever talked to each other.

Now, after what we went through today, I feel like we’ II be best friends,” explained one.

Ships throughout history have allowed humans to meet and trade goods and ideas more efficiently than any other invention.

And if cultural exchange is the catalyst for progress then there are few places more conducive for that exchange than aboard an historic vessel.

In a tall ship’s complement of regular crew, students, and their teachers perhaps a dozen creeds and almost as many cultures and lifestyles will be represented.

An Adventure Machine Each person learns to respect the others for what they add to the team.

These ships teach us lessons of the wars that have shaped so much of our seaborne history, as well as lessons of peace.

Captain Walter Rybka of US Brig Niagara studied the firepower of the ship’s large cannons to determine the killing potential of a warship of the early 1800s.

Through carefully controlled experimentation the ship’s authentically-built guns were aimed and fired.

The findings were sobering as the team discovered that splinters blasting from the oak walls of.

the targeted hull would kill many more seamen than the cannonball itself.

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Author: ปราณี