Award-winning motion design

Creating content across all platforms, for television, film, online and social media since the early 2000s,

there is no doubt that Racecar Oslo has significant, broad experience in creating engaging, animated, illustrative and informative films.

Racecar Oslo is a motion graphics design studio that produces adverts and informational films,

which sometimes blend into what you might call ‘infotainment’ or ‘infomercials’, for private and public companies and departments.

They have been in the business since 2002 and use their experience in design and animation to help their national and international customers tell their stories in a clear and thoughtful way.

“We are a pretty diverse group of people working here.

Coming from a variety of different backgrounds spanning architecture,

animation, graphic design, illustration and music, Award-winning

we all have very different input, which creates a good dynamic,”

says manager and creative producer Anders Fabritius. “What we all have in common is a love for making things move and being focused on the conceptual aspect of each project.

We always begin by gaining a good understanding of what the customer wants to communicate, and to whom, before we start any visual process.”

Racecar believes that good storytelling is about two things: firstly, the conceptual, the what and the why, or the bigger picture; and secondly, the visuals, the craft and the details.

One without the other is not enough. A great story poorly executed, or a beautiful execution of a poor story is a missed opportunity.

It is a constant balancing act.

“There are many good stories out there, but a good story still needs to be told well,” says Fabritius.

“We believe that success is often the result of trust. We need to trust the client, because they know their story.

But we also need them to trust us, because we know how to tell their story. The results will always reflect this.”

Award-winning products

Racecar has an impressive portfolio, having done everything from completely rebranding TV

channels to creating animated adverts for big brands and informational videos for both private and public services.

Every project they do is different, and every product they produce is tailor-made specifically for what their customers need.

No project is the same, which is why when asked if they have a trademark, the only reply they can think of is quality.

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Author: ปราณี