Beauty in the details

Very little compares to hearing the roar of a lion,

following the tracks of a leopard, or witnessing the strength of an elephant as it breaks branches off a tree,

but being on a bush walk or game drive is not always about the large mammals.

In fact, quite the opposite is true. For without the smaller flora and fauna, the larger species would not survive.

 As a regular visitor to the bush, I found myself slipping into that first category – always in search of predators preferably “snacking” on something.

Not that I was being complacent about my time spent in the bush,

Beauty in the details just that I was feeling jaded and not really getting excited about seeing one herd of impala after another.

So, I decided to try the EcoQuest course that EcoTraining has on offer.

The EcoTraining camp is situated in Karongwe Game Reserve in Limpopo, which is adjacent to the Kruger National Park.

The 9 000 hectares of land is also home to the ubiquitous big fi ve (leopard, lion, buffalo, rhino and elephant).

EcoTraining’s mission statement says it all: to be the global leader in environmental education by reconnecting people with nature.

And doing so by offering inspirational and immersive learning experiences.

On my arrival at the camp in the southern part of the reserve,

I was surprised to fi nd no perimeter fence – not something I was used to.

The other members on the course were international visitors from Italy, Belgium, France and Singapore.

Tented accommodation set in thick foliage and joined by sandy paths was where we were going to be spending our nights.

The cacophony emanating from the bush surrounding my tent was quite unexpected.

 When asked why they visit the bush, people will often say that it is for the peace and quiet.

Being a living and breathing environment, nothing could be further from the truth!

The wind rustled the reeds on the banks of the nearby Karongwe River adding to the litany from the birds and insects.

Like the instruments in an orchestra, each of the natural components had a specifi c role to play.

Their sound washed over me like a breaking wave, and, in doing so, Beauty in the details it gave me a sense of tranquility while the stress I had brought with from the city disappeared.

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Author: ปราณี