Blake Everett Greatest Hit

I bet you didn’t think that being king hit and great comedy would go in the same sentence,

but Blake Everett is about to show you how in his new show Greatest Hit(s) – pun intended.

Blake Everett Greatest Hit In 2016, Everett was the victim of a brutal, random attack in… Frankston.

I know, shocker As a result, he was quite seriously injured and needed several stitches. Most people’s first reaction wouldn’t be to find it funny.

But most people aren’t Blake Everett, whose first thought was “I could probably get some material out of this”.

That’s the beauty of Everett, he can make even the most unlikely situation into comedic gold.

“Tragedy, whether it is personal or larger, really creates interesting content,” he says.

He also says that “it’s almost like therapy without having to pay”.

Comedy comes naturally to Everett and that comes from being balls-deep in it since he was in third grade, where he made his comedic debut as one of “The Bionicle Guys”.

Which was definitely not a rip off of The Umbilical Brothers or the now discontinued Lego toy. He looks fondly on his first introductions to comedy.

“One of the first comedians I saw was Jason Bourne… it was filthy I loved it,” he says.

Ever since then, Everett has been on an upward trajectory to becoming one of the big dogs of comedy. He even auditioned for Class Clowns in year eight.

However, he will tell you that it was the “worst five minutes you could ever comprehend”.

What was even sadder, though, was that underneath the YouTube video of the act someone commented that the “funniest thing about this is the shirt”.

While young Everett had mastered the art of performance, he hadn’t quite mastered fashion and the fact is that Hawaiian shirts are not fashionable, and never will be.

However, in true Everett style, he got back up and tried his luck again the following year and made it to the final heat.

“My fourth ever gig was in front of 2,000 people at the Melbourne Town Hall,” he says. Little did he know he’d be picking himself back up again a few years later, but this time off the ground.

It’s been a long time since Everett performed at Class Clowns and you can expect to see something more refined in his new show Greatest Hit(s).

He is the son of comedy and comedy is his mum and dad.

The show is a mixture of sketch, musical comedy and stand up and is perfect for the shortattention spanned generation of today.

“There’s more to comedy than getting up and talking into a microphone,” says Everett. “Tragedy, whether it is personal or larger, really creates interesting content.

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