Die! Die! Die!

Die! Die! are best experienced live, and the smaller and sweatier the venue, the better; purveyors of high-bpm noise pop,

to properly appreciate this band you need to be able to smell the sweat, feel the intensity and see upclose the furious passion in singer Andrew Wilson’s eyes.

Sadly, the records have never truly captured this peculiar gigging genius. ‘Form’, their third LP, Die!

first saw the light of day in the band’s native New Zealand last summer, and is only now getting a UK release.

‘Lil Ships’ is emo on amphetamines, the soundtrack to a stolen car being joy-ridden perilously close to a cliff edge, while album high point ‘Daze’,

weirdly enough, welds hazy guitar lines to a baggy beat.

‘Form’ still isn’t a live show, but is still a great example of what three blokes can achieve with that older-than-the-hills combination of guitar, bass and drums

They bought me a little Transit van, a P.A. system and a really beautiful guitar.

When I got my deal with Beggars Banquet, the only reason they could sign me was because they didn’t need any money for me. Die!

I already had my own gear. Without my mum and dad being that involved, it would never have happened. Die!

At 16, my music was becoming a slightly more genuine attempt at songs rather than three chords and some ridiculous Marc Bolan influenced stuff over the top of it.

I was a massive T. Rex fan, so I was writing songs about unicorns and flowers for a while.

At this point, I was getting towards the end of my Marc Bolan period, but hadn’t yet moved into my David Bowie period.

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Author: ปราณี