Eagulls Electrowerkz, Islington

Yet another band that’s gonna wrestle UK guitar music from its (supposedly)
flaccid, apolitical malaise.

Despite their media-conjured mantle as the noisy, pissed-off saviours of all things noisy and pissed-off, Eagulls’

live incarnation comes as much shrouded in a façade of studied detachment as it is invigorated with visceral immediacy.

But that was probably to be expected. After all, it’s that sense of dead-eyed nihilism running Eagulls Electrowerkz through the group’s self-titled

debut album that so starkly evokes the hopelessness of an already-defeated generation – raging, yes, but also jaded, Eagulls Electrowerkz almost elegiac.

Sure, ‘Possessed’ and ‘Nerve Endings’ thrashed with the requisite post-punk
moodiness and aggression,

but all too often the group’s bald cynicism could have been mistaken for mere muted indifference.

It certainly could’ve been louder, in any case.

The Notwist
The Deaf Institute, Manchester

Expectations are diverse tonight, varying from those expecting skullcrashing drums often associated with German bands Eagulls Electrowerkz ,

to those expecting the glacial calm present on Notwist’s most recent album, ‘Close to The Glass’, and the lush, ‘You, The Devil & Me’.

The night leans on both, as well as incorporating the electronica the band are renowned for – a mix of styles that sees the Deaf Institute’s giant disco ball go through a host of transformations; at times veiled in darkness,

at times reflecting a serene moonlight, and at its most thrilling when showered in light as its full-motion rotations are reflected on the dance floor.

The twists and turns of the evening are exhausting and the channelling of their earlier heavy metal days,

ending most songs with an arena ‘rock out’, casts a nightmarish gloom over a night that otherwise shone.

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Author: ปราณี