Everything Is

The clock strikes 9am as I sit in the dining room of Little Dragon’s hotel,
listening to beardy keyboardist Hakan Wirenstrand attempt to get excited
about the fourth series of Game of Thrones.

Who does he want to claim the Iron Throne? “The dragon lady,” he
shrugs before humming the monotonous theme tune.

All the while Erik Bodin, the band’s drummer, is pushing cold scrambled egg around his plate with his fork and front woman Yukimi Nagano usually so effervescent on stage – stares at the phone in her lap like a kid trying to
hide it in school.

It’s clearly too early in the day for this Swedish quartet. What they need is
a topic of discussion to get excited about Everything Is something along the lines of abandoning a member of the group.

Yukimi looks up gravely and starts what bassist Fredrik Kallgren Wallin describes as a “sad story”Everything Is .

“When we were going over the border from Canada to the US we were having a party on the bus,” Everything Is the 30-something singer begins as Hakan adds that you have to get off the bus at passport control.

“I had to go to the loo,” he says, “and when I got back I saw the bus disappearing.”

It took everyone two hours before they realised he was missing. “I phoned my girlfriend,” Hakan continues,

“because it was the only number I had in my head and she was calling my phone on the bus and everyone was getting annoyed that I wouldn’t pick up my phone.”

The group all laugh at this, except Hakan, who, with a straight face jokes that someone got fired that day.

At least I think he’s joking. This four-piece seem so staid the majority of the time,

which could be down to their current fatigue, or the fact they take their work very seriously.

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Author: ปราณี