Explore Norwegian traditions

Close to the majestic mountains of Jotunheimen in the south of Norway,

you can experience local cuisine and Norwegian traditions on Valbjør Farm.

Surrounded by beautiful Norwegian nature on the protected farmland of Valbjør, Explore Norwegian

guests spending the night in one of the farm’s restored old log houses are met with a magnificent view of Jotunheimen,

the largest concentration of mountains higher than 2,000 metres in northern Europe.

The farm, dating back to Viking times, hosts a burial mound that shows that there was settlement in the area more than 1,000 years ago.

“The farm has a very special atmosphere and beautiful location,” says owner Kai Valbjør.

Only five kilometres away from the farm is the traditional Explore Norwegian

village of Vågå, and the area around the farm also offers good hiking options in mountainous landscape.

If your destination is Norway’s highest mountain, Galdhøpiggen,

or the popular mountain ridge, Besseggen, Valbjør Farm is a great base camp.

Local production and commodities are in focus and the staff specialises in organic farming.

The farm houses mainly sheep and goats and has its own goat milk production,

with visitors welcome to join in with the milking of the animals.

The farm shop also sells locally produced delicacies, such as salami of goat meat,

cheese produced from the milk of Valbjør Farm’s own goats, herbs and various local handicrafts.

Although there are kitchens in most of the log houses on the farm,

it is possible to order breakfast including fine local foods and freshly baked bread from the bakery in the nearby village of Lom.

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