From fjord to chopping board

The festival is not just for eating, but also for exploring. During the three days, there are events where both adults and kids can learn more about the sea and its offerings.

Skaldyrsfestivalen works closely with Denmark’s Technical University (DTU),

who put on an event where kids and adults alike can play with their food and learn where it comes from.

Kids can pick out their own crab, which they then cook and eat, or they can try to fry a jellyfish.

“Our aim is to connect people to the sea and what we’re eating from there. Having these kinds of activities, along with exploring a fishing boat,

From fjord helps to give a better understanding of our natural environment.

Seafood and shellfish are sometimes viewed as maybe a bit weird or foreign,

From fjord but it’s actually a very natural and nutritious thing to eat, and it is also quite a sustainable protein.”

From fjord to chopping board Shellfish capital of Denmark

For those looking for more from the shellfish universe,

chopping there is also The Oyster and Mussel Premiere 2019 on 12 October in Nykøbing.

“The autumn festival provides a chance to enjoy the start of the oyster and mussel season,

with gourmet chefs as well as the Danish championships in sabering Champagne bottles and oyster opening.”

Although initially self-proclaimed, it is hard to deny that the area is indeed the shellfish capital of Denmark.

With Limfjorden as the backdrop, the festival shows off everything this region has to offer in a comfortable,

From fjord to chopping board family-focused and relaxed atmosphere.

Whether you are a seafood lover or simply exploring, the festival is bound to be a wonderful, and very tasty, experience.

“All the benches and furniture will be removed, and the entire hall will become an expose with woven pieces on the walls and floors.

You’ll get to go for a stroll through Märta Måås-Fjetterström’s world,” Hagsgård enthuses,

chopping explaining that the rugs from the permanent Royal Collections will form the basis of the exhibition,

complemented by borrowed pieces that help showcase the sheer variation in the artist’s work and skill, chopping as well as her life and personality

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