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Thank you for Hearing Our Cry is a Non-Profit Organisation. We are a Christian charity and one of the leading

international outreaches that bring aid directly to where it is needed.

The outreach is like radar beaming into the deepest villages across the world where those people are forgotten and not even counted in our societies today.

We reach out to wherever the cry comes from without any partiality or discrimination.

We have a strong Empowerment commitment. Our main focus is to help our service users to be able to help themselves for longer lasting solution to come out of poverty.

We also take on larger assignments which could be drilling wells in villages to give communities clean water, education empowerment,

Get involved with regenerating or building basic medical health care centre, building a water system in the village so people don’t

Get involved with have to use pit toilets and rely on their river as the only source of sanitation,

Get involved with establishing needed businesses in the village which would create employment and allow

Get involved with finances to begin to generate through that village bringing an economic platform.

We are currently privately funded and rely on our partners who donate finances and also our fundraising partners who raise

funds to enable us to meet the needs of the thousands of poor people and children we reach out to.

We’ve also got a report on the inspirational Wise Women Awards that Keep The Faith organised in conjunction with

Wisdom for Women International – we had a ball – and Rev Stephen Brooks’ article reminding believers that it’s OK to laugh.

Rev Wale Hudson-Roberts explores the sensitive issue of child abuse; Jacqueline Laing looks at the lessons Christians can learn from the new leader of the Catholic church,

Pope Francis; Dr Stuart Pattico reminds us of the healing power of Jesus,

whilst Pastor Dawn Davis-Lawrence inspires women to have faith that makes a difference.

For more information: หวยลาวสามัคคี

Author: ปราณี