HOW TO PLAY OMAHA – PART II – The best part of Omaha – a game just like Texas Hold ‘Em but with four cards to start is that every hand seems exciting. Unfortunately, that’s also the worst part of Omaha.

You must have the discipline to throw many hands away. Sure, 7-7-6-5 double suited looks good, but your only real money hand is a full house with a board that includes a 7 and a pair of lower cards. And, quads happen much more often in Omaha than Texas Hold ‘Em in UFABET. So, you need to choose hands carefully and you need to throw away many starting hands after seeing the flop.

This will minimize your losses and keep you from chasing hands that even if you make them (like a flush with 7-6 high from above or a straight of the same cards) are unlikely to win.

Go ahead and spend a half-blind on that 7-7-6-5 if you want, but don’t be surprised if you flop a set of sevens, turn a straight, and then river the third-best flush. That’s Omaha in a nutshell. Keep in mind that starting hands that are all one suit aren’t going to help you. Neither are the hands that contain three (or four) of one card value.

Even if you start with J-J-J-8, what could you flop? The one remaining jack I guess, but on the rare times it happens, it usually won’t hold up as the winning hand.


If you start with Ace-Ace King-King, you’ve got a good hand in Omaha, but not great. Sure, you can make the nut full house two ways, but if the hand isn’t double suited (the ace-king of spades and say the ace-king of hearts), you don’t even have a top-30 hand.


Your best-starting hands in Omaha are always double suited and contain at a pair of aces or faces. That means Ace-Ace KingKing is number one, but number two happens to be Ace-Ace Jack-Ten. The advantage of making the top full house, nut flush, or straight is the best quality for a starting hand.

The next best-starting hands are any pair of aces with another pair, working their way down from queens to deuces. Then comes King-King with pocket queens, jacks or tens, and then queen, jack and ten combos.

After that group comes Queen-Queen hands with pairs of jacks, tens, nines, and combos that make high flushes and straights (ace, king, jack, ten, nines), and finally Jack-Jack Ten-Ten and Jack-Jack Ten-Nine.

That’s the top three-dozen starting hands. Is that all you’ll be playing? No, but sticking with hands that contain aces and faces, suited cards, and connected face cards that you can make a straight with will keep you busy enough that you won’t get bored or broke.

You will go broke if you don’t recognize when you are in bad shape or even drawing dead on the flop or turn. Play good cards, and your decisions will be easy. When you don’t flop a hand that is or might become the nuts, you aren’t likely to make any money.

Finally, if there is a possible straight, flush, or just a single pair for a full house and you run into any aggression, well, you should assume you are up against the hand represented.

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