Huset-KBH exudes unique Copenhagen experiences

From the 1970s up until this day, Huset-KBH (‘the KBH House’) has been the platform for all things cultural in Copenhagen.

Huset-KBH presents more than 1,500 cultural events for hundreds of thousands of guests every year,

in old warehouse buildings in central Copenhagen.

Squatters occupied the house in the 1970s and started a cultural

movement that made the foundation for today’s active network of creative volunteers,

entrepreneurs, co-creators and fierce enthusiasts.

The bustling culture house,

situated just a stone’s throw away from Copenhagen City Hall and the main shopping area, is worth a visit for its diverse selection of cultural events.

“We believe that we offer unique Copenhagen experiences for the curious visitor,” says Jakob Kwedéris, head of Huset-KBH.

“There is always something surprising going on here, and many events are completely free of charge.”

The house presents relevant and challenging events and activities for Copenhageners and visitors alike.

The huge range of events covers film in the in-house cinema, theatre performances, concerts, stand-up and spoken word.

Central to them all is that they challenge the cultural status quo.

Though not rejecting the mainstream, Kwedéris says:

“We give space to acts that are still experimenting and improving as a step on their way to bigger stages and theatres.

 You can find fresh talents from the promising underground, who are ready to show you what they have to offer.

So, if we have a pop act on stage, it’s the alternative twist to pop that brought them here in the first place.”

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Author: ปราณี