We all have our banes in life. For chartered accountant, Nadine Crawford-Piper,

founder of Crawford Bookkeeping and Accounts, it is the tendency for business owners to keep incomplete records – or worse, none at all.

Nadine says that getting people to keep proper records, do their returns on time,

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RECORD-KEEPING and understand where they are in terms of their business information,

IT’S ALL ABOUT is a challenge she finds most micro businesses face, and one she sets out to help solve.

So she has embarked on a campaign to help business owners develop what she has coined ‘the record-keeping mindset’.

It is a concept in workshops and seminars that break down the details of what it means to keep the right records and to create a business timeline.

This is especially important since HMRC’s introduction of the recordkeeping check. “I don’t do fines,” said Nadine.

“Not even small ones. I go to networking events and people ask the same questions.

They still don’t understand it.

I educate people on key dates and what happens at each date, but at the same time I’m very particular to each business.

It is about appreciating how they can benefit from it.” Nadine began her professional practice in 2005,

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RECORD-KEEPING after 15 years of working in accountancy.

She provides micro-sized business owners with a service that is honest, personal, and friendly,

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RECORD-KEEPING one with an element of mentorship and the same level of professionalism and quality that larger firms enjoy.

It’s all been remastered from the original records too. Most importantly though,

‘The Raincoats’ still sounds as scratchy and charmingly vulnerable as ever. And their off-kilter cover of The Kinks’ ‘Lola’ (track 7) is something that should ricochet around everyone’s record collection, and now it can

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