It’s In the Card

Sightline Payments, a Las Vegas-based payment company, has joined forces with industry-leading game-system.

Companies and merchant card processors to deliver secure payment and cashless gaming-related solutions.

Sightline brings the ease and convenience of credit-card access to the industry. Among its recent rollouts: Loyalty Card Plus.

Each generalpurpose reloadable (GPR) prepaid program is fully customizable, and designed to enhance gaming operators’ existing loyalty programs while dramatically reducing their dependence on cash.

For gaming purposes, cardholders can transfer funds, in real time, utilizing Sightline’s proprietary closed-loop.

SPAN network, to and from brick-and-mortar, race-and-sports book,

It’s In the Card and interactive wagering accounts for use at slots, table games, race and sports books, social gaming sites and iGaming sites.

 Using the open-loop general-purpose reloadable prepaid card, which runs on the Discover network,

Cardholders can make cash withdrawals (including ATM) or purchases within or outside the casino property for travel, dining, hotel, etc., wherever Discover is accepted.

Cardholders can prefund their accounts online, through their mobile phone, or they can load funds at the casino with cash, jackpot payouts and TITO tickets.

Pin-protected, FDIC insured, and backed by Regulation E, the card also features widespread acceptance.

The card works in the slot realm, allowing customers to withdraw funds to the game and upload winnings.

It can also work in cage-related areas, for jackpot loads, chip and slot redemption loads and other transactions types.

The card even works away from the slot area, in online gaming, giving cardholders instant access to their funds.

DNA passively monitors the SAS line, provides diagnostics, analytics, and has value-added features that can all be managed through DNA’s user-friendly mobile dashboard.

It’s In the Card The dashboard was specifically designed for platform flexibility, and can be used on a PC, a tablet or a mobile phone.

DNA gives flexibility of information—the user chooses the reports. The operator also can use it on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

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