Last night I lost myself

“After I left in 2004, I was in a few other bands just for fun…and I did drugs!” he laughs, making a syringe motion as we meet in a south London pub’s beer garden. “Since then I’ve been working on Team Ghost.”

Fromageau has succeeded in piecing together a new band – featuring himself on just about everything, Christophe Guérin on guitar and various instruments,

Felix Delacroix on live drums and Pierre Blanc on live bass – that, together with manager/ producer Jean-Philippe Talaga,

could be set to eclipse his M83 bandmate’s work. Last night I lost myself

Taking a darker, more angular direction, the band’s debut EP, ‘You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me’,

released on London’s Sonic Cathedral, is a masterpiece that’s almost the dark, depraved flipside to Anthony Gonzalez’s acclaimed and blissfully airy ‘Saturdays = Youth’. Last night I lost myself

“Maybe a few songs sound like they’re off M83’s ‘Dead Cities…’ album,” wonders Fromageau

“but I wanted to go somewhere else because for the last six years I’ve been listening to many coldwave bands and I wanted to sound like that.”

Ah, coldwave: the European version of the dry, synthesised early ‘80s sound pioneered by bands like Joy Division and Cabaret Voltaire.

Mixed with churning shoegaze guitars, Team Ghost have created a gloomy but gleaming vision of style – forgive the French connection – like Air if they listened to more of The Cure and less Serge Gainsbourg.

The imagery is ‘hip’, urban (in the true sense of the word) and bohemian, but also resigned.

“All my friends are disillusioned” goes ‘A Glorious Time’, while on ‘Colors In Time’ Nicolas intones, “Last night I lost myself”.

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Author: ปราณี