Little Joy

Nonchalance can make the dreariest of people cool.

For others it’s a less contrived way of being. And for The Strokes, it’s their bread and butter, the mutual trait that joins their five mutually striking mugs, and the reason we ourselves have slurred

“bothered” on occasion, even when, really, we’re more bothered than you
can possibly imagine. We love and hate them for it,

but as Little Joy is the latest side project to prolong any new material from the unmotivated New York City fops, the latter feeling is eating up the former with chomping frustration.

Falling in love with Fab Moretti’s ‘Little Joy’, then, is not easily done. He’s ‘gone LA’ for starters; lured to the west coast where Uncle Sam’s American dream is realised,

trading white beaches and well-filled bikinis for a frat rock contribution, or, worse, an acoustic indie one that, apparently, “totally rocks”.

Annoyingly, Moretti’s opted out of the Sum 41 cock rock,
which would have at least been a bit of fun.Joy

Instead, the (handsome) curly Stroke – along with Rodrigo Amarante of Brazilian schmaltz group Los Hermanos and gentle coo-er Binki
Shapiro – appears to be sound-tracking a longcancelled series of The OC.

At points, drums don’t even come into it – skinless, ‘Unattainable’ is, admittedly, sung beautifully by Shapiro, even if ‘Play The Part’ is too sparse to be considered so. Joy

Swaying tracks from a 1950s bop, like ‘Brand New Start’, go some way to making this at least more than an Albert Hammond dud but rather predictably Joy

it’s the most Strokesy tracks that keep us from nodding off – ‘Shoulder To
Shoulder’ features vocals that could easily have been purred by Julian Casablancas. Joy

So how about that fourth album then boys?

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Author: ปราณี