Mac DeMarco

Until now, Canadian-born Mac DeMarco has ploughed a furrow of DIY that if not ‘serious’ was at least more so than this collection of sleazy lounge songs.

Then he was calling himself Makeout Videotape while holding down ‘play’ and ‘record’ on his portastudio; now he’s not hiding behind a moniker but rather half speed vocals,

warped to a dirty, deep croon, making him sound like Chris Isaak singing ‘Wicked Game’ over and over. Mac DeMarco

As accidents go (this, he says, is the result of him “fucking around”), they don’t come much happier,

because while ‘Rock And Roll Nightclub’’s tongue and cheek constantly cuddle, it’s never annoyingly daft either.

Roughly split into two halves, the latter is the sketchy singer as he’s always been, Mac DeMarco living out his Pavement fantasies (‘She’s Really All I Need’),

sounding like Ariel Pink (‘Move Like Mike’) and releasing his lo-fi, Lou Reed-ish, inner funk (‘I’m A Man’).

The first half is where DeMarco does his Elvis-gone-bad bit, the title track, ‘Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans’ and ‘European Vegas’

(about his hometown of Montreal having ideas above its grotty station) all sounding identical to one another.

We’re happy to hear him purr on over one never-ending, laconic surf riff, though,

because when ‘Rock And Roll Nightclub’ is at its least cavalier, it’s also at its most oddly exotic. Enjoy the sleaze.

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Author: ปราณี