Made in Norway – a clever thing to say

According to a recent study by BI Norwegian Business School, it is clever to give away a brand’s country of origin in the company name.

This is often the case if it is a product with a potential to be associated with the country’s nature and wellknown way of life.

For Norway, this can be products such as clothing suitable for rough and cold weather, or food products such as salmon,

which we know thrive better in cold waters. Made in Norway – a clever thing to say

In cases like this, adding Norway to the company name, will give trustworthiness. Made in Norway – a clever thing to say

On the contrary, if wanting to sell items such as sun protection creams or orange juice, Florida or Australia would probably be a better choice.

The researcher’s conclusion is that the link between a country’s image and the product’s characteristics,

determines whether the country of origin affects the buyer behavior.

Many companies in Norway have chosen to add Norway in its name; such as “Bergans of Norway”, “Moods of Norway” and “Dale of Norway”.

Others have chosen geographically neutral brand names, which can work very well, too.

At Innovation Norway (yes, we do have Norway in our name as well), we are proud to work with so many great Norwegian companies regardless of names and products.

Our mission is to help with financing services, advise on markets in several regions all over the world,

contribute to build networks and offer competence training.

And we give professional advice on design and branding.

In fact, we recently launched a new division at Innovation Norway called Brand Norway.

As the new director of this division I look forward to promoting all that Norway has to offer for tourists,

business investors and entrepreneurs all over the world.

We applaud this special issue about Norwegian brands and encourage you to keep your eyes open for everything made in Norway!

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Author: ปราณี