marnie stern

Housed inside her bulky puffer jacket that’s used to fighting
off the icy winds of New York City is Marnie Stern’s slight
frame. But for a petite woman she has big ideas and a big
personality, so we decide to take up the biggest booth in the

A late starter to music, Marnie released her first album,
‘In Advance of the Broken Arm’, back in 2007, just shy of her
thirty-first birthday.

Exploring the realms of experimental sounds that jumped and flipped
and refused to adhere to standard pop sensibilities, she
tunnelled her way in with the likes of Deerhoof, Ponytail and
the Mae Shi.

Her second offering came in 2008 in the long-winding shape
of ‘This is it and I am it and You are it and so is That and He
is it and She is it and it is it and That is That’,

and last month, after a two-year break, Marnie returned with her
eponymous LP number three. Huddled behind the table, face
buried in the menu,

she describes it as more mature and says she’s stopped trying to
prove something. “For a long time I was trying to prove to
people, and to myself, that I’m a good player,”

she says distractedly in her delicately, high-pitched American accent.
“I don’t really feel like I care or need to do that any more.

So I chose simpler parts with more space and I think that makes the
songs breathe a little bit more.”

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Author: ปราณี