Metronomy’s second album – ‘Nights Out’ – was by no means an instantly loveable record,

but its minimal electro charm had you returning for more nonetheless, and before long it was the best album of 2008, without any doubt.

‘The English Riviera’ harbours a similar type of subtlety, not for those who want their pop fixes quick,

with the exception of single ‘She Wants’, which sounds like The Cure and is Joe Mount’s best track yet. Metronomy

It – along with another standout track called ‘The Bay’ (which features an almost Kylie Minogue-esque breathy vocal drop)

Metronomy is a rare sighting of almost disco on this album, which is perhaps why they’re so immediately gratifying – they sound like we love Metronomy to sound.

But while certain corners of ‘The English Riviera’ will forever be too twee to compete with Mount’s previous high standards

(the weepy waltz of ‘Trouble’, particularly),Metronomy there’s plenty to note on this electro soul record, especially when the synth and themes go dark,

like on ‘Corinne’. Metronomy

Gwenno’s songs are infused with as much character as the space she occupies tonight,

each having an invisible yet tangible spirit of their own.

And in this setting her gently mesmerising, underwater melodies excel.

‘Calon Peiriant’ floats along unhurriedly, coolly, before segueing seamlessly into an almost post-rockesque,

apocalyptic string refrain at its climax. She is an artist unafraid of invention and of political statement.

Of course her songs are sung entirely in the lyrical Welsh language (sometimes Cornish),

but her vocals soar, conveying a deep visceral meaning even if most of her audience have no idea what is being sung.

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Author: ปราณี