Mike Bones

What are the rules on closing your eyes while playing your own music?

Some moments in a studio or on stage probably are transcendent and deserving of rapturous inner-sight. Mike Bones’ face though,

eyes closed from the first strum, heavily suggests that his Gibson is covering-up a throbbing hard-on brought on by thoughts of his own greatness.

Don’t forget where you are Mike, it’s ten thirty in the basement of The Fly and you, Mike Bones despite a witty line in every one and a half songs, are not very good.

Though the band are solid enough to decide on the set as the go along and the interaction with the crowd is funny,

Mike Bones the tunes snailby in mind-numbing succession and none of them warrant the agonised ballad-intensity they’re played with.

An all-weather man hoodie under leather jacket and shades tucked into the v-neck of his t-shirt in case it rains or shines indoors

Mr Bones ably fingerpicks his way around naïve chord sequences and gives Neil Young’s ‘Fucking Up’ the Wah treatment,

but it’s ultimately to no other purpose than to platform his ego.

As for the rules on music journos leaving gigs early? Well, it’s definitely poor form but there’s only so much cod-classic rock we can take, Mike Bones you know

Oh Minnows stretches further into the world of moving images; tracks like ‘Might’ sounding like buzzing, emotional film scores.

At Semifinalists shows the band would play shrouded in shadows cast by projections that complimented their escapist pop; now Nicholson is concentrating on producing a stand-a-lone film that he intends to submit to
some festivals.

A clip of the “experimental piece” can be seen on his new Myspace page. Live, it’s hard to say whether Nicholson will obscure his face with cinematic elements once more,

because he’s yet to finalise how he’ll present his new tracks on stage. His first proper gig will be at the Loud And Quiet club night on July 13th, but he’s not likely to rush preparations, however soon his first performance.

In between previous band tours and recordings, the foundations for Oh Minnows were in fact laid at the dawn of Semifinalists; Chris Steel Nicholson has been playing the long game in becoming the champ.

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