Nordic sophistication with unparalleled comfort

After originator and entrepreneur Anita Godell found herself lacking comfy and stylish outfits that fit her globetrotting lifestyle.

She figured she could do a better sartorial job than the market was offering.

With a penchant for clean-cut, high-quality fashion that puts comfort in the high seat, Nordic sophistication with unparalleled comfort

her brand APHRU has quickly made a name for itself in Norway and abroad – and the horizons are ever expanding.

“The business idea was as simple as the clothing: I wanted to make sustainable fashion without all the fuss,

clothes that were comfortable and wearable – items one wouldn’t long to change out of immediately after leaving the office.

I figured there had to be a way to combine Nordic minimalism, soft fabrics, natural materials like wool,

cotton and silk and a neat silhouette to create fashion that people would actually want to wear,” says Godell, who has a fair share of experience.

Having worked for Microsoft and spent numerous working days at airports, on planes and generally on the go, she was longing for an alternative to stiff suits.

Italy proved the ideal place to combine a love for fashion, quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship.

Here, in Milan, Godell employs a team of four seamstresses who put time and effort into crafting the sophisticated garments – and Godell stays in close contact with them all.

“I love Italy with its traditions for craftsmanship, where people have a unique understanding for unpretentious quality and ‘la bella figura’.

Also, knowing our seamstresses makes a huge difference to production; we’re able to stay in control of working conditions and quality, and convey exactly what we want.

Having our studio in Milan, as opposed to somewhere in Asia, also limits our carbon footprint,” she says.

While Godell remarks that the fashion market is a “ruthless industry to break into”, she is proud to have done so in only a few years.

Running the APHRU concept store at Oslo’s Paleet, a high-end shopping arcade on the city’s Karl Johans gate, visions are grand for the future.

“We’re constantly working on reaffirming our presence on the national market.

Meanwhile we’re looking into expanding into further markets in Europe, as well as the US. Nordic sophistication with unparalleled comfort

Interest from Japan and China has also been great,” she concludes.

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Author: ปราณี