Pinning bacalao on the culinary map

In the very heart of the klipfish centre of Norway lies the longstanding bacalao restaurant XL Diner,

with chefs whose veins are filled with the salted and dried cod and whose passion for bacalao

has led them to put Norwegian klipfish on the international culinary map.

Going back to 1999, restaurant entrepreneur and chef Ivar Breivik opened the doors of XL Diner in Ålesund, Pinning bacalao

Norway, as his experience of cooking bacalao is deeply ingrained in his background as a chef.

Little did he know that it would become one of the biggest bacalao restaurants in the world – now Pinning bacalao

going through 21 tonnes of klipfish on an annual basis.

The city of Ålesund is built around klipfish, and today a whopping 96 per cent of the klipfish exported Pinning bacalao

worldwide comes from this particular place – Breivik’s hometown.

“That’s why I wanted to make a good klipfish restaurant that was going to take good traditional

Norwegian food and mix it with influences from Brazil, Spain and Italy,” explains Breivik,

who has travelled the world in his quest for the best bacalao recipes. A versatile dish But bacalao is more than just the red dish it is known as to most Norwegians.

“The word ‘bacalao’ just means ‘cod’ in Spanish,

but somehow Norwegians have created their own definition of it as the red dish that many people are used to seeing,” explains Breivik.

XL Diner features several types of bacalao on the menu, including a daily bacalao,

which changes depending on the best ingredients available on the day.

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Author: ปราณี