Pura Vida Costa Rica!

The northern islands are astonishing with their thick green jungles and the noise from howler monkeys in the background.

We made stops in Bahía Santa Elena, Playa del Coco, Samara Beach, Drake Bay, Golfito, and Pavones.

Costa Rica is a country that seems to have it all put together: it’s clean and has recycle bins, the people are some of the friendliest we have come across, and there are beautiful beaches and volcanoes.

We really enjoyed the macaws and parrots. When we watched them, we felt like we were one with the jungle.

We stayed at a newer IGY Marina in Golfito. If you don’t mind that it is under construction, you will appreciate that it less expensive than a fully-functioning marina.

It’s safe and clean, and staffed by amazing people. Mario will escort you in the golf cart to the pool and assist with all your needs.

The Port Captain is right next door, and checking into the country was affordable, easy, and painless—as long as you have all your original, non-expired documents.

Pura Vida Costa Rica! We know several people who had problems because of they didn’t.

Every time I think of Panama I can’t stop singing the Van Halen song. Our other cruiser friends sing the Panama Red song.

Either way, it sure seems to get you in the mood to celebrate this great country. Similar to Costa Rica, the northern Panama Islands are remote.

Make sure you are provisioned with water, food, and beer because there’s no stopping off at a tienda.

Bahía Honda was so primitive that when we asked the locals where we could get water they pointed to a creek.

The gleam in the man’s eyes as he rowed his woman to fill their water was priceless. Such happy, simple people.

We made stops in the Islas Secas, Beano, Puerto Mensabe River, and Vista Mar Marina.

We are currently in Las Perlas. Vista Mar is the only affordable marina in Panama.

They now have a trailer for hauling your boat. Coronado is a great place to provision.

And who knows, you might even get to be a line handler and go through the Panama Canal! Just taking the bus over the Bridge of the Americas gives you chills.

The Allbrook Mall is huge, and getting around with the metro, taxis, or Uber is easy and affordable.

We can’t seem to put a finger on why Panama is different from other Central American countries, but it is, somehow.

In a magical way. The city is full of life, and you can find anything you want or need.

Pura Vida Costa Rica! A lot of locals speak English.

Casco Viejo is a fun town with hip rooftop bars, a brewery, and my favorite, the rum bar.

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Author: ปราณี