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Swedish indie darlings The Magnettes have released one of their best songs to date, Kim n Kanye mercifully,

not a song about the famous couple, but rather, a banging track about the virtues of living your best life at the weekend by approaching

each night out as though you and your best mate were absolute pop culture legends.

Speaking of pop culture legends, Alphabeat are back with new music! No,

you have not been transported back to 2006, Scandinavian

merely woken up in a 2019 that is much better than it was last month: for the Danish band of playful pop scamps has reunited for a new album, and they have just released the first taster from it.

Shadows is their first single in over six years, and it is pure, unadulterated joy, just like all of the best songs they put out when you were younger.

Another band on the comeback trail is Norway’s own Donkeyboy. Or, at least, the brothers behind the band: Kent and Cato Sundberg.

They have formed the new pop collective Rat City (also featuring another former Donkeyboy songwriter), and released Kind of Love.

The song is an epic funky-house track that has been deconstructed and rebuilt as a huge pop song.

That chorus should have come with a warning – though if you were a fan of Donkeyboy before, you might well have expected as such.

Finally, unless you are a Finn reading this right now, Scandinavian you might not have all too many Finnish-language tunes on your current playlists,

Scandinavian music as they rarely seem to travel so well around the rest of the Nordic countries.

But make an exception for Benjamin Peltonen Scandinavian music Scandinavian (or just Benjamin, if you are doing a Spotify search).

The artist has been going for a few years now, but has just entered the imperial phase of his career in his native Finland,

coinciding not just with his switch to recording in Finnish, but also a marked increase in the quality of his music.

Curious? Try out Tanssin Yksin and Juon Sut Pois for size. You will be singing along like you are fluent in no time!

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