Show the world your soul

Based on trust, research and long-term perspectives, StudioGeist helps its clients get to and visualise the essence of their brand.

Founded last year by five experienced designers, the studio has already won international recognition for its simple craftsbased designs.

Two years ago, five experienced designers decided that they wanted to do things differently – with heart and soul.

A year later, StudioGeist was created.

As a young company with many years of experience between them and multiple awards behind it,

Geist works with a broad range of clients, from small family businesses to large government organisations. But,

no matter how small or big, getting to the heart of the business is at the essence of the studio’s work.

“The client always brings the business perspective; they are focused on presenting products to a market or selling more,

Show the world your soul but we strive to uncover the stories and soul within the brand.

With these stories, we can create distinct visual communication that engages the target audience,” says Linda Skarpås, one of Geist’s founders.

“Together, we set values and goals for the success of the brand. We believe in building heroes: behind every brand,

big or small, there are always people with the best intentions they want their brand to shine.

By giving them distinct and strong visuals, along with a clear strategy and a set of guidelines,

Show the world your soul they will lead on with a compelling and appropriate communication.

This is how we, together, can build strong and smart brands over time.”

The approach has already won the young firm national and international design awards.

Trust and long-term perspectives

When embarking on a new project, Geist likes to challenge the client.

“When placing ourselves between the brand and its users, it gives us a unique position to determine the obstacles that prevent the brand from expanding,” says Skarpås.

“Often, we meet ‘untold truths’ within a company – elements that have never really been questioned before and by pinpointing these,

we make room for the brand to find or rediscover its meaningful purpose.”

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Author: ปราณี