Sport Betting and Digital Gaming

Sports has been particularly hard hit with all of the major sport betting being forced to cancel events, leaving punters with very little to bet on.

Operators have been left with

  • football from Belarus
  • Russian table tennis
  • horse racing from Sweden.

Step forward virtual sports.

The most sophisticated products mash real archive video footage together to create realistic virtual events based on historical statistics which are impossible to predict.

Sport betting data feed companies have started offering sports book operators virtual betting which use sophisticated Al algorithms.

Simulated markets can be created which produce results as close to the real thing as possible by trawling through the archives of historical data. Punters can bet on final results or even participate in ‘in-play’ markets, while bookmakers benefit from 24 hour play in place of scheduled events.

Tennis is one of the most popular virtual sports for the simple reason that it is data-heavy in terms of statistics that can be analysed and the fact that there are so many different things to bet on. Apart from overall results, bets include the number of aces, second serves or total points won by either or both players.

History tells us that every major crisis has its winners and losers.

Covid-19 is no exception and from all reports the majority of the sport betting industry has been hit hard.

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