Stricken City

Having heard ‘Songs About People I Know’, famous cheese-mongercome-bass-rack Alex James tracked down Stricken City and invited them onto his farm for a demo session.

As powerful as Blur are though, time travel is still beyond them so this debut mini album is of course James free.

No matter: Britpop endorsements are all well and good but merely serve as Groucho Club icing when a band are already making angular/ intricate indie like this.

A mixture of a cappella bus recordings (the opening ‘Gifted’),

80s-tinged art pop (the cowbell-bouncing ‘Pull Down The House’) and beautiful piano balladry

(‘Terrible Things’), it’s clear what got James so excited – Rebekah Raa’s delicate voice

Stricken City (no longer comparable only to Bjork’s) and her guitar band’s ability to never sound predictable.

“We were at CBS at two in the morning,” remembers Annie “trying to get you Asthma medication,

we spent $300 buying fucking inhalers and she was all red and swollen.” Heather:

“I almost died! I was laid out in the back of the car and it was as though I was breathing through a coffee straw,

Stricken City my lungs had gotten to the point of being so, so constricted.

Our producer has nine cats and he kept saying that it was the Santa Anna winds and I was like, ‘No, it’s your nine cats!’”

The rest of their time in the city seems to have passed by like some California dream,

driving around in the sun and going over to David Lynch’s place, having struck up a friendship with the filmmaker after

appearing at the same book launch.

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Author: ปราณี