Taking cyber security to the next level

The specialists at Norwegian security systems provider Secure-NOK AS are ready for their new solutions to go live,

having signed a lucrative deal that will see their security systems installed on the majority of the world’s oil rigs.

Secure-NOK AS is the leading security systems and solutions provider for the Norwegian petroleum industry.

Specialising in detecting and removing security attacks and hazards such as espionage,

sabotage, malware and other harmful security threats, Taking cyber security

both on-shore and offshore, the company recently graduated from the prestigious SURGE Accelerator project in Houston, Texas.

Now SecureNOK aims to conquer the international market,

having signed a four-year deal with one of the petroleum industry’s largest equipment and components suppliers worldwide.

“This is the most important deal we have ever made.

We are ready to go live with our new security solutions, Taking cyber security

which are tailored to the oil and gas industry,” says founder and CEO, Siv Hilde Houmb.


Establishing the company in February 2010, Taking cyber security

Houmb handpicked a team of computer security experts from across the globe and currently employs specialists from the UK, Norway, Brazil,

Germany, the US, Denmark, France and Spain.

“Our senior consultants have between 10 and 40 years of experience within our field,” says the CEO.

The company runs its operations from its headquarters in Innovation Park Stavanger (iPark), at the very centre of the Norwegian petroleum industry.

In addition the company has offices at SURGE Accelerator’s ‘Surge Shack’ in Houston, as well as a development office in Hamar in Eastern Norway.

Next, Houmb aims to establish an office in Brazil, a rapidly growing market within the petroleum industry.

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