Teleman Breakfast

It must be difficult, these days, for an indie-pop band to sit down and come
up with a sound that isn’t totally stale before they roll into the studio.

Teleman, though, have made a pretty good stab at it here; the London fourpiece, featuring a couple of former members of Pete and the Pirates

(and what’s more indie-pop than that?), are the kind of band that 6Music loves, and you can see why with songs like current single ‘Cristina’; it’s twee,

poised pop with an undeniably sharp hook – carefully constructed melodic
fun that will surely become an indie disco floor filler.

‘Steam Train Girl’, meanwhile, is vaguely robotic synthpop, loosely akin to Kraftwerk covering Belle & Sebastian. Teleman Breakfast

Largely, it works. A highlight then comes with ‘23 Floors Up’, which is hugely Suedeesque (and therefore admittedly not without a whiff of stale indie about it,

depending on your persuasion), and as close as this band will ever get to
sounding epic. Teleman Breakfast

Bar the odd, almost obligatory duffer, this is a brilliantly written bunch of tunes – indie at its most pop.

It’s not a record to shift your soul, or even thrill the senses, but it is a barrel-load of hooky fun.

“At that point we decided that we did need to go and speak to people to see
if we could get partners and long story short, Martin Mills [head of the Beggars Group]

was by far the most interesting and best fit for us, so we had quite a long negotiation about how it would work and eventually he took a chance on us being involved in Beggars Group and I must say it’s been absolutely brilliant.

There is a total understanding at Beggars with what we do – that coupled with the fact that Martin is brilliant at business and that’s really great as it gives Geoff and I the freedom to do the A&R stuff that we do the best.”

Recent signings Parquet Courts and Benjamin Booker get the pleasingly
fanatical Jeanette beaming from ear to ear.

“We just take everything on by how it makes us feel,” she says.

“We’re like children. We’re looking for some kind of buzz that makes you feel elated when you hear something and that’s what we go on really.

If we get that feeling we go for it, regardless of anything really, what genre it is…

because it’s all over the place, our taste, isn’t it, and that really reflects how we listen to music it really is all over the place and we would sign anything if we liked it enough.”

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