The essence of wilderness

Spending time in nature contributes to increased good and wellbeing.

At Brokamåla Estate, visitors can explore nature,

take part in outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, The essence canoeing or kayaking, or simply relax for a while.

Sweden’s most southern wilderness offers something that many of us lack, yet desperately need peace and quiet.

At Brokamåla Estate, in the western part of Blekinge, guests have access to more than 25 lakes,

fabulous fishing and hunting opportunities, The essence private beaches and boats, and beautiful hiking routes.

With over 200 lakes, this area is also called the Lake District of southern Sweden.

Owners Lars and Maria Sällström explain that guests especially remark take part in outdoor activities such as hunting,

on the peaceful setting and the opportunities it offers for relaxing and recharging.

“Here, you can be on your own for a while,” Lars says. “Our guests appreciate the silence and the possibility for undisturbed time,

whether visiting with family or perhaps for a company event.

We are surrounded by forest and yet only one and a half hours from Copenhagen’s international airport.”

The essence of wilderness take part in outdoor activities such as hunting,

Simplicity with finesse The concept for Brokamåla has developed gradually, inspired by trips and work abroad,

for example in Scotland, where the couple could see the potential of offering something a bit special.

Unsurprisingly, it has become an incredibly popular concept and,

some 27 years since its humble beginnings, take part in outdoor activities such as hunting,

The essence of wilderness the estate has around 1,000 visitors per year, from places as far away as Dubai, Ukraine and Brazil.

In fact, Brokamåla was one of only 15 attractions nominated for Stora Turistpriset (Sweden’s Big Tourism Prize) in 2016.

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Author: ปราณี