The FIFTEEN Crickets juice

Jakob Lewin Rukov and Philip Price are on a mission: they want to introduce you to edible insects.

Yes, you heard that right: insects – all with a juice called FEMTEN Fårekyllinger, or FIFTEEN Crickets.

“Insects are actually very tasty and healthy, and in some parts of the world they are a normal part of the diet.

We want to show people this, and we believe that a juice is a safe way to do it as it’s already a very popular drink,” says Price, co-founder of Insekt KBH.

Crickets – and insects in general – are highly nutritious and particularly rich in vitamin B12, The FIFTEEN Crickets juice

which is one of the most important vitamins for the human body.

You need vitamin B12 for conversion of fat and amino acids in the body,

which comprise the building blocks of protein.

A single bottle of FEMTEN Fårekyllinger will cover 50 per cent of your daily need for vitamin B12.

Environmentally friendly production

Price got the idea for Insekt KBH a little over a year ago, and when he met Jakob Lewin Rukov at an insect event, they decided to set up Insekt KBH.

“I have a PhD in biology and own a cricket farm, The FIFTEEN Crickets juice

and Philip has a background in marketing at CBS so we had a pretty good foundation for starting the company,” says Lewin Rukov.

But why do we need to start eating insects in the western world? Do we not have enough diet fads going around already?

This is not about health or losing weight – but about the environment.

“We are close to eight billion people on the planet and have a growing middle class.

Research shows that when people get more money, they buy more protein, and this is taking its toll on the planet,” the founders explain.

“To produce one kilogramme of beef, you need 15,000 litres of water.

One kilogramme of insects only requires eight litres.”

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