The First Twenty-Five Years

Those years of the first quarter-century certainly were tough ones for the Theta Zeta Chapter.

 Between moves from house to house to house, and the wartime crisis, to say nothing of minor emergencies such as “The Flood,” life did not always go smoothly! Once the war ended, the general picture became somewhat better.

For one thing, the money situation was stabilized, although there were still “occasional heartbeats lost over the subject of finance,” as one brother so aptly put it.

For another, the chapter’s number of active members was at an all-time high. This fact, in itself, was the cause of some interesting problems.

The First Twenty-Five Years are the Hardest Not all of this large body of active brothers were contemporaries in age.

One group of men had enrolled in the University, been initiated into Beta, and then interrupted their studies to go off to war. They, of course, knew how the chapter should be run.

The second group were men who had never made it as far as university because of the war, but were enrolling now.

The First Twenty-Five Years are the Hardest They thought they knew how to run the chapter better.

A third group was made up of new undergraduates, fresh out of high school and with no war experience — and these, in the great tradition of their kind, thought they knew everything. And finally, there were the alumni.

They, naturally, knew more than any of the other groups about how Theta Zeta had always been run.

No question about it, the average age of the chapter during, say, the 1919- 1920 school year, was far higher than the normal average age of university undergraduates.

Also, the total size of the chapter was more than 45 men, and this was far above the capacity of the house at 126 St. George Street.

These facts came together to create all sorts of problems and vexations.

If nothing else, the age difference alone would have created friction.

Add to it the discrepancy in experience, between those who had served in the war and those who had not,

and relations within the chapter were bound to be somewhat rocky.

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Author: ปราณี