The Pharmacy

The Pharmacy are a Louisiana three-piece who play no-fi
grunge-flecked tweepop with an attitude towards commercial appeal
that’s probably kindest described as indifferent.

Not that that matters terribly – the overarching feeling
on ‘Weekend’, their third LP, is of total insularity, and that’s how they
seem to like it.

When the group’s sense of total self-absorption works, their disregard for the wider world is genuinely captivating – ‘Children on TV’ and ‘Stoner Girl’
are lovely slabs of whimsical indie that rise above the almost aggressively careless production,Pharmacy

and the record’s ‘Interlude’ (longer than most songs here) is pleasingly
eerie. But generally, Pharmacy

‘Weekend’’s listlessness is off-putting – the LP isso distant-sounding that it makes the listener feel as if they’re overhearing the band’s set from an empty festival tent. Two fields away.

On a Friday lunchtime.Pharmacy

The Phone’ is a standout moment, threaded with urgency and a chaotic klaxon call balancednervously on a knife edge. But setcloser

‘Criss Cross’, from new album ‘ Liquid Love’, is the real high point – all enveloping, synapse-energising and hypnotising to the point of euphoric abandon.

So, whether that’s a grin or a grimace on Pete Carafella’s face, he can rest easy that tonight, everyone else likes it.

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Author: ปราณี