The ultimate humane trophy-hunting experience

If you consider yourself an adventure hunter, then Trophy Hunting Greenland might just have an interesting opportunity for you.

The company combines a unique nature experience with the chance to hunt the legendary musk ox.

Known as a survivor of the last ice age and, for some, the ultimate animal to hunt, the majestic musk ox can be found in very few places on earth.

One of those is the area of Kangerlussuaq in Greenland, where the company Trophy Hunting Greenland is located.

Owner Erik Lomholt-Bek has over 30 years of hunting experience in Greenland, during both the winter and the autumn.

“We get people from all over the world who want to hunt musk oxen,” he says.

“Trophy hunting is very different from more traditional hunting that many hunters are familiar with, The ultimate humane

so the ones who come here come because we can offer them an experience they can’t find anywhere else.”

The hunting season in Greenland is divided into two periods. Winter hunting takes place from 10 March to 10 April,

while the autumn hunting runs from August until the beginning of October.

In winter, the main focus is on musk oxen, along with with caribou and small game, The ultimate humane

while autumn hunting focuses on reindeer,

along with musk oxen and small game.

“The biggest difference between the two seasons is that, in the winter, you can be 80 years of age and have trouble walking and we can still take you out using our motor sledges,

plus we will find a musk ox for you to hunt,”

Lomholt-Bek explains. “During the autumn season, you have to be in good shape, as we are out in the wild and you will have to walk everywhere.

And walking ten kilometres in the wild here is nothing like walking ten kilometres on a wooden path on a hunting trip in Poland or Scotland.”

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Author: ปราณี