Toddla T

Selecta! De gal dem whine! And other phrases a white boy from the suburbs has no business using.

But if anyone can bring dancehall to a wider audience, it’s Sheffield’s Toddla T.

Never overstretching its roots, the dutty riddims permeate throughout, culminating in ‘Manabadman’ the most overtly D’n’B/dancehall track,

though also one of the most frenetic and exciting – while ‘Sound Tape Killin’ and ‘Road Trip’ Toddla T bridge the gap to a more mainstream electro/ house club fare.

In fact, aside from the ethereal ‘Rebel’, featuring Benjamin Zephaniah and Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard,

it’s impossible not to move to the irresistible combination of tough basslines and cutting electro.

Whether it’s headnodding or arse-wiggling, Toddla T if you like your beats with a harder edge, Toddla’s your man.

I know I have. But why spend your time somewhere stringently regulated and inflated like Reading, sponsored to saturation,

forking out your hard earned pocket money for a lukewarm pint you’d be better off scooping up from your local gents floor? You might make a pre-festival band watch list the length of your arm,

but when you wake up in a field, half cut and sun burnt, high tailing it across a mammoth camp site is often one trek too far.

Let’s face it; festivals aren’t, and shouldn’t be just about the music anymore.

Not to pour too sentimental a gush on it; they’re a time for celebration and togetherness, an opportunity to break loose,

enjoy and unleash, and spend a few breezy summer weeks gallivanting around open fields,

debating the authenticity of questionable organic food stalls and arguing whether you should set the tent on fire before you leave.

They also, typically, happen to be sound-tracked by some half decent tunes and that’s generally what you’re forking out your ever-growing £150 for,

otherwise you’d just be one of a few thousand mentalists converging on a Home Counties field.

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Author: ปราณี