Trans Musicales is far from your usual towntakeover music festival. For a start, it’s in the first week of December, and it not only turns every bar and pub in town into a venue,

TRANS MUSICALES DE RENNES there is Parc Expo: a collection of airport hangars outside town, converted into large music halls.

It’s also curated by one man, Jean Louis Brossard, who spends the year collecting bands from all over,

whether well known or only known to those who’ve seen them playing the back of a pub,

TRANS MUSICALES DE RENNES and puts them on stage in front of thousands of people which, for some smaller bands, can be the jump-start of their career.

It’s an intoxicating experience, weaving from bar to hall in a beautiful city, hearing all manner of music,

TRANS MUSICALES DE RENNES much of which is unfamiliar, with nothing but choices and possibilities to look forward to for a whole weekend.

Upon arrival in Rennes, a small group of us, maps and programmes in hand,

head out to the first bar of the evening to catch La Femme, a Parisian band with a penchant for black clothes,

‘80s pop and a healthy dose of rock’n’roll.

The basement they are playing in is packed out, with sweaty fans overflowing up the narrow stairwell while the ones lucky enough to be in on the action

bounce around in the dark as the band throw tune after tune into the crush. Perhaps I’ve just been in London too long,

but it seems the French really know how to appreciate their music. A good start.

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Author: ปราณี