Tribal Gaming and COVID-19

Tribal Gaming operation credit economic stewardship in helping survive the corona virus pandemic, as Sean Chaffin investigates.

With most of the American casino industry shut down, the impact on companies, employees and communities has been huge.

Scenes from the Las Vegas Strip depict more of a ghost town than one of the most popular entertainment centers in the world.

As a “non-essential” industry, the casino industry has been hit harder than many during the Corona virus pandemic.

With many potential customers around the country also struggling, recovery may not be easy as well.

Tribal Gaming are one segment that may face even more significant challenges.

Gaming activities and revenue often help fund numerous aspects of a tribe’s livelihood including health care, education and much more.

Native American communities are reliant on those operations for their day-to-day operations and infrastructure.

With the industry in uncharted territory, many tribal gaming operations find themselves not only in a fight for their business and members’ well-being, but for the fiscal future of the tribe itself. Are tribes prepared for the current economic calamity, and what does the future look like?

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