Turbo Fruits

Hopefully you’re not, but if you are one of those wacky, lay-about
twenty-somethings from the old Twister adverts that plays it in the
living room with your cool friends

and you want a cool soundtrack, lets say knowingly retro garage
rawk that’s (slightly)

better than this summer’s disappointing Strange Boys debut and the increasingly disappointing Black Lips,

here’s the album you’ve been looking for. Having released a selftitled debut with great seven inch ‘Volcano’, about bong hits or something in 2007,

the Be Your Own Pet side-project are back for some good, clean (judging from stomp-athon ‘Sober is my New High’) Fruits

and light-hearted rock’n’roll fun. It’s alright, and great on lead single ‘Mama’s Mad ‘cause I Fried my Brain’, Fruits

but ultimately as vacuous as your louche, living room-bound

In a taxi from photography studio to coffee shop, Natasha says how she’d like to accept certain invitations to art exhibitions and fashion shows
(and she receives a lot of RSVPs), Fruits

were it not for the red carpets that accompany them. Her spare time – especially throughout this year – is thin on the ground, Fruits

so she prefers to spend it with old friends, not draped around a Little Boots as she leaves the launch party of Guitar Hero 5.Fruits

Natasha glances over a cup of mint tea. “I find [‘being famous’] harder now, actually,” she says. Fruits

“The more successful you are, the more you invite backlashes and the more people have ideas about you. I feel more vulnerable the more I get

There are more opportunities there, and I’d like to take some of them for
enjoyment. Y’know, I’d love to get to a point where I can meet Spike Jonze or something.

That would be so exciting to meet artistic, amazing people – that would be a great perk to my job, but in terms of interacting with trendy, cool people and going out for nights,

it doesn’t sit well with me because I don’t believe it. I’ve got really great friends who are artists and musicians in their own right but don’t parade it around.

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Author: ปราณี