Where the locals go

Hotel Seamen’s Home, Nuuk (Nuuk Sømandshjem), is a hotel nestled by the sea, with a view of the mountains in Greenland’s capital.

It was originally set up as a safe haven for seamen, who otherwise had to endure tough conditions on board their ships.

Today, it is both a hotel for visitors and a place where the whole community can enjoy a meal, a good chat or simply relax.

In the 1950s, the Danish Seaman’s Mission was invited to create a seamen’s home in Greenland,

Where the locals go as they had done in harbours throughout Denmark.

In 1969, the Seamen’s Home opened in Nuuk, and others in Sisimut and Aasiaat opened soon after.

Today, the need for a ‘home’ for seamen is not so great, thanks to greatly improved working conditions,

so the Seamen’s Home is instead open to the rest of the community, particularly to the homeless and the vulnerable.

“The hotel is a not-for-profit hotel. Everything we earn from people staying here goes straight back into the community,”

explains Allan F. B. Majholm, who runs the hotel, together with his wife.

There are 43 rooms, in three different price categories, to suit most budgets, and what makes the hotel stand out is how visitors immediately feel at home when they step through the door.

A home for everyone

Every morning, there is a smell of freshly baked bread wafting from the kitchen.

As you come down the stairs, some of the locals are already telling some of the infamous stories about Nuuk,

Where the locals go and there is a friendliness that will make everyone feel at home in no time.

“We always aim to be as open as possible. We’re on hand to answer questions about what to see and do in Nuuk and throughout any travels in the rest of Greenland,

but we’re also always happy to sit down with a cup of coffee and have a chat,” Majholm says.

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Author: ปราณี