2020 Vision

The next time the year will line up the same way it will next year will be in a thousand and 10 years, 3030.

If just for that fact alone, the year 2020.

Will be auspicious, but when you add all the events scheduled to happen next year, 2020 will truly be special.

On the international scene 2020 will be a year of change—for the better or for the worse? That’s TBD.

In gaming, we’re not immune to that change,

And most observers would agree that the industry is about to change radically.

From rapidly advancing technology to saturation and competition across the board, gaming will look different in the next few years than it does now.

In our annual sneak peek at the things likely to impact gaming in 2020, we’ve called on several.

Experts and astute observers to give their opinions on how and why gaming will change and what it will mean to the rest of us.

2020 Vision So get ready; change is coming.

The Tipping Point Defining the future of casino gaming

One of our key takeaways from Global Gaming.

Expo 2019 was palpable introspection surrounding recent organizational and structural changes among large-cap casino.

Operators, and general confusion regarding the strategic direction of the casino segment—the typical regional or destination bricks-and-mortar casinos—of the gaming industry.

The uncertainty regarding the future direction of casinos and casino companies is the result of several converging influences.

First, traditional growth opportunities through market expansion have diminished.

Second, with the combination of generational change and the rise of new and in some cases disruptive.

2020 Vision Technologies, there is difficulty in understanding what gaming products and amenities will be most desirable in the future.

This has afforded equipment manufacturers and content providers a seat at the table in charting the future path of the industry.

The result of these changes appears to be an understated reorganization, led by large-cap companies that just a decade ago were working through high leveraged positions in the fallout of the Great Recession.

While not an ominous or negative reflection on the industry, there is growing acknowledgement among observers.

That change is in the air, both in North America and globally.

As we explore this thesis, it becomes clear that uncertainty is not so much a question of.

The survivability of casino gaming as a question of what gaming companies and properties.

Will look like and who their customers and most important sources of revenue will be in the future.

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Author: ปราณี