Bringing new life to old power plants

The Norwegian fjords are a mecca for clean energy with their numerous waterfalls.

It is no wonder that Norway’s hydro energy adventure started here, or more precisely in Tyssedal.

Today most of the plants are neatly built into the mountains, meaning that the old plants are used for something completely new,

Bringing new life ranging from classic museums to hiking routes.

The Norwegian Museum of Hydro Power and Industry in Tyssedal, Odda, runs the old power plants in the area,

including the iconic Tyssedal Power Plant. The building is an architectural gem with a mix of influences.

“It is like a cathedral or a palace to us,” says information manager Anne Gravdal.

While visiting the building is a must, Gravdal notes that more and more people are using the old tunnels as hiking paths.

“Tyssedal and Odda more broadly are known for two things,

Bringing new life namely the power plants and the Trolltunga hike.

Many hikers are now walking ‘Lilletopp’, translating as the ‘Little Peak’, in preparation for the big Trolltunga hike or as a smoother alternative,”

she says about the hike that once used to be for the navies accessing the water works.

The visitors are indeed excited, with one writing in the guestbook that

‘The view is better than on Trolltunga – magic! Much easier and, most importantly, this place is much less touristy’.

The trip can be booked via the museum and is mainly for groups or families.

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Author: ปราณี