Casino Data Imaging (CDI)

Drings an updated version of the user-friendly business intelligence tool GlobalSuite to G2E that is faster, more intuitive and more actionable than ever.

Speed in data access and rendering is key in delivering a great user experience.

The move from 32-bit to 64-bit architecture allows for GlobalSuite to improve allaround performance.

The many software updates made to support this change bring faster response times for queries, player lookups and rendering of visuals.

Ondemand statistics make digging into data to uncover why games over- or under-perform even easier.

Casino Data Imaging (CDI) Speed of software processing and the integration of more features allow users to pack more analysis into less time.

CDI modernized the front end of GlobalSuite to match the power improvements.

The interface is now indistinguishable from a Microsoft Office program with the full adoption of the ribbon-style toolbar.

Casino Data Imaging (CDI) This change allows new users to find the same tools power users have been exploiting for years. T

his update, along with a long list of general UI updates, makes it easy for users to get the most out of GlobalSuite.

Major gains in delivering actionable insights to users of GlobalSuite are the direct result of customer interactions.

CDI plows product feedback into the software development plan.

The newest release is heavy with solutions to user requests. Some of these updates include improvements to sightline analysis in the 3-D map, an expansion of 3-D models available for placement on the gaming floor, automated delivery of reports and alerts, and improvements to the printing and plotting features.

As with other versions of GlobalSuite, CDI remains committed to simplifying installations and upgrades.

The vast majority of installations are performed remotely. Upgrades take the simplicity further with a one-click update, similar to how the OS on a cellphone updates.

These processes are in line with CDI’s commitment to GlobalSuite’s ease of use.

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