How it works

With the launch, prospective suppliers are now able to register on the CSD website on Suppliers can capture

and update their information at any time in preparation for How it works

the use of supplier data through procurement and financial systems used by all organs of state from 1 April 2016.

Once suppliers have registered on the database and their information has been verified, a unique supplier number and security code will be allocated to them.

In order for a supplier to register on the CSD, a valid email address, identity number, cellphone number and bank account details are mandatory.

When registering on the system, suppliers are also required to produce tax information as well as commodities they can supply, among others.

Suppliers will also have to produce ownership information like How it works

the name and identifi cation number of directors and association to any other suppliers.

A boost for businesses Among those who were first to register on

the CSD was Eastern Cape businessman Aaron Mgqueto who said that the database would greatly improve the lives of suppliers.

“It will improve my business in that it will save me time. We won’t have to take forms to Bhisho where we have to move from office to office.

Now you just sit down and do it in a professional way and know that you are registered,” he said.

Mgqueto, who has been in the security business since 1998, said the system would improve the way in which suppliers do business with government.

A challenge that Mgqueto faced when dealing with government related to tenders.

“Sometimes government goes with tenders and doesn’t come back to us to inform us who has won the tender,” he explained.

According to Chief Director: SCM ICT in the Office of the Procurement Offi cer at National Treasury,

Schalk Human, the CSD is an intervention to reduce the administration burden on business.

From 1 April 2016 it will be compulsory for government departments and state-owned enterprises to use the CSD.

“The benefi t for business will be that it will reduce admin signifi cantly and it will make it easy for them to engage government,” said Human.

Regarding suppliers who are in rural areas and don’t have access to computers, Human said that these suppliers would be assisted.

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Author: ปราณี