Players will be starting the new year on a winning note with the Arizona Lottery‘s newest Scratchers® and Fast Play $35 million family of games-the Multiplier.

Beginning December 27, 2019, players can choose from $1, $2, $5 and $10 Multiplier Scratchers, each with its own top prize that could be multiplied for even bigger winnings-from $5,000 up to $100,000!

Each ganme has its own prize multiplier, from 2X on the $1 ticket, all the way up 50X on the $10 ticket. Players scratch their ticket to reveal and match their numbers to any of the winning nunmbers to take home that prize.

Players can also reveal a multiplier symbol and score up to 50X the winning amount! And with a bonus spot on every Multiplier Scratchers ticket, players also have the chance to win one of over 24,000 bonus prizes of up to $100 the bigger the ticket, the bigger the reward!

For those looking for an instant play draw game experience, the $5 Xtreme Multiplier Progressive Fast Play ticket is the way to 80.

It prints at the counter, or vending machine, and players can immediately see if they have won.

If a player matches their numbers to any of the winning numbers on the top line, win the prize directly below that number.

If one of the numbers is a winner and falls on an ‘X, players win 7X the prize amount shown!

This progressive jackpot prize starts at $7,000.

“Our Multiplier family of games gives Arizona Lottery players lots of ways to play and have fun,” said Executive Director of the Arizona Lottery Gregg Edgar. “Players can have all the ex- citement of winning big and then multiplying that excitement even more, by as much as 50X and bonus prizes of up to $100!”


If a player isn’t a Multiplier Scratchers or Fast Play winner, there are still even more opportunities to win!

Starting December 27, 2019, players can enter all non-winning Multiplier Scratchers and Xtreme Multiplier Progressive Fast Play tickets into the Arizona Lottery Multiplier Mania Second Chance promotion for another chance at prizes.

Simply download the Arizona Lottery Player’s Club app or visit หวยหุ้นอังกฤษ for a chance to win up to $20,000 during one of eight weekly drawings.

Each week, four winners will be selected.

Multiplier Mania Second Chance promotion entry deadline is March 2, and the final drawing takes place on March 4, 2020. Players can purchase Scratchers and Fast Play tickets at all 3,000 Arizona Lottery retail locations.

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