A regional destination for quinceañera dresses,

West Jefferson, too, is a generous host for the art-minded.

A few blocks away from The Kessler and The Texas Theatre, tucked between Lucky Dog Books (yes, a real bookstore)

and a tuxedo shop and salon, gallerist Sean Horton just opened shop in September with his eponymous gallery.

Curator and art writer Charles Dee Mitchell shares the details. Charles Dee Mitchell: Welcome back to Dallas, Sean.

PRESE NTING How long have you been working on this return to your home state?

Sean Horton: Thank you, Dee. I actually explored the idea of opening a gallery in Texas back in 2006 before I opened on the Lower East Side of New York City.

It’s a long story with a twist of fate; a sneaker shop on Eldridge Street skipped its lease and the building super named Rodrigo told me that Jesus wanted me to have the space.

I was slightly confused, but the price was right. And of course I couldn’t say no to Jesus.

That decision set me on course for owning and operating the gallery in New York for over a decade.

About two years ago my wife and I found ourselves at Buc-ee’s doing some last-minute Christmas shopping when the idea of spending more time in Texas seemed appealing.

It wasn’t until we bought a little 20s bungalow in Oak Cliff earlier this year that I really committed to opening a gallery in Dallas.

CDM: Are you still involved with galleries elsewhere? Do you think it’s important to have multiple sites in today’s market?

SH: The new gallery dubbed “Sean Horton (presents)” on West Jefferson Boulevard in Dallas will be the only exhibition space.

It is important to me for the gallery to have a connection to a place, a neighborhood.

I enjoy operating in residential areas alongside other small businesses that share an entrepreneurial spirit.

Our industry is one of the last to grapple with the shift away from brick and mortar to online;

I think we are all redefining what it means to operate a contemporary art gallery today.

While a certain level of portability is required of galleries in this new virtual field,

PRESE NTING making compelling gallery shows is still the most rewarding aspect of what I do.

Art fairs, temporary exhibitions, having a presence in different cities those are all facets of promoting art and artists,

but there needs to be a headquarters where art can be viewed in person and in the proper context…and for now that will be in Dallas

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