up on a not so long-ago slot machines were

considered an after though for the ‘real’ gamblers who would never.

dare risk their reputation by even being seen paused at a slot machine while in polite conversation.

considered slot machine Once Accidentally touching one of these metal boxes with reels could

spell total disaster to a gambler’s credibility, respectability, honor and integrity.

considered Slot machines were considered tourist traps for the meandering and non-gambling tourist who sometimes.

would stumble inside the gambling establishment by accident or sometimes just to escape the hot desert sun.

At the end of the day, everybody was happy, and the casino was making enough money to buy, replace.

and repair these sometimes very heavy amenities called slot machines in order to keep the ‘gamblers’ happy and playing on the tables.

The slotsAndrew Cosgrove

The slots manager most likely would have worked himself up the ladder from a slot tech or slot attendant.

slot machine Once with no real academic background but armed with a wealth of experience learned from colleagues,

mentors and many nights walking the floor.

However, times have changed.

Slot machines have evolved, life changing jackpot are now a common occurrence, bonus rounds and free games are rampant,

Loyalty is anemic, and customers will leave for the competition for the promise of more free play or the wrong drink being delivered by a waitress on a busy Friday night.

Corporations demand more revenues; employees demand flexible schedules and there is now more information available to be managed than ever before.

So, what does it take to manage the slots operation of today and to keep afloat in an ocean of change? It’s a big question with many opinions and schools of thought available, but let me take a gamble and make a few simple suggestions

that will hopefully help you along the rocky road from good to great slots management:

LEADERSHIP – A slots manager may be able to build a casino by themselves, but the word manage implies delegating part or all the responsibilities to other people.

Leaders need to manage their team effectively,

trust them to do their job and hold them accountable for results. Employees respond well to exceptional leaders and become more productive when they are shown respect,

recognized for a job well done and given both the tools and the opportunities to grow.

A great leader inspires others toward greatness so if you want a happy customer make sure your employees are even happier.

Every Casino is different so it’s essential that management adapt to their circumstances and provide

their unique customer base with the appropriate marketing strategy, gaming products,

layout and payback percentages that they demand.

Competition is tough in all jurisdictions so having in in depth knowledge of operations is an essential part of success.

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