Spreading the joy of food

Take a kitchen assistant with roots that go back to the 1600s and add a bread recipe developed using algorithms and computers.

What do you get? A whole lot of love for baking.

A man is standing in a modern kitchen with shiny, white tiles, doing vocal warmups.

He has his arms in the air and gazes up at the ceiling, and he turns Spreading

to one side and back the other way, clearly testing the acoustics.

Then he starts talking about bread, his French accent unmistakable.

He picks up a recipe, says something about an algorithm, and starts baking.

Sébastien Boudet is a bread expert and baker from France, Spreading

now based in Sweden, and together with Ankarsrum he has developed ‘the bread of the world’.

A true original

With its roots in a 1937 redesign of a bulky professional-use baking machine,

Ankarsrum Assistent Original has grown to become a solid favourite amongst food enthusiasts and hobby bakers

throughout Sweden and its neighbouring countries.

Perfect for mincing, blending, pasta and sausage making and bread and cake baking,

it is a reliable and versatile kitchen friend – and it is easy on the eye, too.

“Many of our customers are wellread and skilled, Spreading

and they all share an enthusiasm and passion about what they do.

Quality is really important to them,” says Marcus Grimerö, marketing manager of Ankarsrum,

the company that produces and markets the kitchen assistant.

“We’ve got strong Swedish roots and are all about that hand-made quality,

which is exactly what their hobby is about too – baking, cooking, using their hands.”

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Author: ปราณี